Saturday, 15 September 2012

I have no more babies left

So I was planning on transitioning Cora into her big girl bed when we moved into the new house, but it seems, despite my insistence she stays small always, she has completely ignored my desires and gone and become two and a half. With a mind all of her own, no less.

Of her own accord, Cora has taken to sleeping on the queen mattress with Bethany, and to all intents and purposes, it seems to be working. At least, I'm not putting her back into her cot umpteen dozen times a night. It's been about three days now, and she's napped there on her own as well. She's more content to be put down there, and that usually means she's more likely to go to sleep rather than muck around for a few hours.

*sigh* I am not totally devastated, but I do wish she had waited for when I had decided to move her. My poor heart feels a little rushed. I haven't taken the cot down; at least that I can control, and I will stick to my original plan. On the upside, the absolute cutest thing has come out of it... now, when she wakes up, she always comes into where I am and says "I awake now." To which I then have to say "you're awake now?" and she replies "yeh." And then we snuggle. So it's all good, really.

I just won't be rushing potty training anytime soon.


  1. She probably feels like one of the big girls sleeping with Bethany. Which of course doesn't help your momma heart any does it.

    1. *sigh* no. But I'm sure she enjoys being a big girl. Parenting is just one huge letting go.

  2. Ah. I love that you are not doing the toilet training thing yet either :)
    We have one side of the cot taken off, and the big girl bed will come with the new house too