Favourite People

There are some awesome, spectacular people on the inter webs. 

They make me think. They make me howl with laughter. They make me cry, dammit. Often, I'm nodding emphatically "yes", as they verbalise in writing my inner thoughts and feelings better than I could ever dream to. Frequently, they voice things I never even knew I felt, or at least was willing to admit I felt, or simply gave it a name so I could face it. Sometimes I don't agree with what they say, and that makes me look deep inside of myself to answer the question "why?" More often than not, they inspire me in the most delightful ways, encouraging me in my faith, my parenting, my wifing, my living, and help me to feel a more comfortable in my own skin on my little patch of earth.
Do yourself a favour and check these people out.


Lisa-Jo Baker A Holy Experience
       Nesting Place




The Mom Creative



   Sugar Pie Farmhouse  


Not everyone has cutesy buttons or gave me permission to swipe a graphic, so here is a list of other wonderful blogs I read.

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The House of Undr
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