Sunday, 13 January 2013

That One Word to see me through.

When I first felt God suggest my One Word to me, my immediate thought was that it was actually me, and I was scared of deciding on one this year. I have mulled it over for about a month or so now, and after the first feelings of trepidation, I'm actually a little excited about it.

You might be shocked at my choice. I know I was. There are so many quotes on Pinterest and the like telling us to do the very opposite of my OneWord. It carries negative connotations. It implies weakness.

But then God whispered "I am your hiding place and your shield. I hide you in the shadow of My wings. I hide you in My shelter in time of trouble, and lift you high on a rock. In My presence I hide you from the plots of men... Hide My word in your heart."

So, after a long, hard, horribly hurtful year, where the Lord told me that He would fight for me, I just needed to be still (and quiet), and having done all, to stand... I feel he is giving me permission to hide in him this year. To take refuge, rest, and replenish my strength.

So, that is my word.



  1. I think that is a perfect word,explained by perfect God whose aim is to perfect you as you hide in him.

  2. Didn't expect to see another post about one word. Hide is a good word when you're hiding in Him.

  3. Where Re you Jen? Are you hiding? Would love to read more.