Friday, 4 January 2013


So the new year has begun, and with all of my One Word deliberating (I still don't have one) and No Junk Food promising (I start Monday), I quietly vowed to blog more.

Enter Five Minute Friday to kick me off, because I'm pretty sure I've forgotten how to write.

This year is bringing many new opportunities for Adam and I.

A new house. With the opportunity to begin new routines and connect better with the children.

A new writing opportunity for me (there'll be more about that later). Adam has been wanting me to do more of this, and I have let my perfectionism get the better of me, I fear.

A new church. And the opportunity to sit and heal, and perhaps, if called, step into ministry again.

A new calling... or is it just the old one, repackaged?

Last year was painful. And long. And lonely. It was the reason I didn't blog, as I wasn't sure I could keep the pain to myself, and I wasn't in a position to reveal the details. So it was an opportunity to dive into the Word, and a closer relationship with God despite what was going on around us. Or was it because of? Probably. Maybe a bit of both.

Whatever it was, I am so grateful that God causes everything in our lives to be an opportunity for us to grow and mature... to glorify Him, if only we let it. Of course, we can go the other way. I was determined to run to my Mighty Fortress, not away from it.

So I am thankful for the opportunity of this new year to get to know everyone better. To write more. To delve into God and His calling for Adam and myself.


This was a Five Minute Friday post, where you set your timer and write for 5 minutes, no editing allowed.

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  1. Sorry it has taken me a while to follow through and visit your blog! I posted my Five Minute Friday from a hotel and the connection wasn't very good...anyway, I am so glad I DID follow through! I how you said that the difficult times in our lives give us a choice to either run TO God...or not. May this new year bring peace and blessing and growth to you and your family

    1. Thank you so much Amy :) That is exactly what I'm praying for too :)